People, Passion, Purpose

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Our panelists talk about how they discover and cultivate top talent.

Innovation Rising
Center City West
April 2, 2015
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Episode #3 | Featuring:

Produced by Joe Taylor Jr.

2820 Press production for Benjamin’s Desk

Shelton:            I’m looking for people who are very smart, but also have an appreciation for what moves people.

What are you called here to do? What have you been uniquely gifted to do? What have you put into your heart? What passion is motivating you and driving you to do something that, frankly, nobody else can do? At least they can’t do it the way you do.

Kelly:            When I’m trying to recruit talent, I’m looking, number one, at attitude. Just being around people that I enjoy working with is huge, people that are passionate about what they do.

Hadley:            Somebody that tells you when something is not right or not done well, even if it’s the last minute, and even if it’s not pleasant to hear, and finding somebody that, despite all adversity, is going to stay on target.

Jeff:            I’m looking for people that are driven. I’m looking for people that are smart. I’m looking for people that are creative. That tends to fall … [inaudible 00:01:21] entrepreneur, which tends to fall in this type of environment.

Kelly:            People that are also willing to kind of work beyond the 9 to 5, that don’t mind working on weekends or working later hours, because they’re doing what they love and they want to be there, and it’s not just like a job.

Shelton:            There’s a base part of people who are, and this is a very generic term, but I’m always looking for brilliant people. I think that’s more that just intellect. It’s sharpness, it’s the shine that comes from wanting to do more than just what’s adequate.

Center City West